Kean Eng Sdn Bhd

Renowned Dry Seafood
Retail & Wholesaler in Malaysia

Kean Eng Sdn Bhd is a company located in Penang and specializing at dried seafood. Founded in 1957, Kean Eng Sdn. Bhd was originally a sundry store and it has since grown into one of the industry leaders in northern region with proven quality and credibility.

In year 2001, we moved into a double storey shop lots along Weld Quay, Penang, with a bigger storage capacity to cater for the growing regional customers. Subsequently, we secured a land and moving the warehouse into the new building in order to meet the needs of the growing customers nationwide and to serve our customers better.

" We are still growing and constantly becoming BETTER. Through all the seafood lovers in our team, we will eventually bring Malaysia local foods to the global markets "

Our Core Values

Committed to Supplying Better

We are committed to supplying better ingredients and supplying ingredients better.

We Believe in Quality

We believe that food lovers are the driving force behind food related business. Our purpose is to supplying better ingredients so that good foods can be prepared.
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