Dried Fish

What is
Dried Fish ?

  • Fresh fish are preserved from deterioration through drying and salting.
  • Due to the appealing aroma and delicious taste, many type of fishes have been processed into dried fish, such as the Queenfish (ikan talang), Mackeral (ikan tenggiri), Bigeye Croaker (ikan gelama), Tilapia (ikan sepat), and Tiger-toothed Croaker (ikan tengkerong) and many more.

Why Choose
Our Dried Fish ?

With careful selection and grading, our team make sure that only fresh and good quality dried fish is being chosen. That is what makes our dried fish better.

  • Ikan Kurau is one of our signature dried salted fish which has been serving our customers for more than 30 years. Therefore with our accumulated experience, we always strive to improve the quality of our dried fish.
  • We have got a wide range of dried fish to meet your requirement.
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