Dried Shrimp

What is
Dried Shrimp ?

  • Fresh shrimp are being boiled and sun dried before turning into dried shrimp.
  • Come with shell or without the shell, for different usage.
  • Can be found in a lot of Asian cuisine which provides the dishes the umami and seafood-like taste.

Why Choose
Our Dried Shrimp ?

Our team understands that dried shrimp is one of the important ingredients that is commonly used in Asian cuisines. Therefore the sourcing and selection processes are very tedious.

  • We know the most suitable ingredient to prepare foods such as fried chilli paste (Sambal Tumis Udang), green papaya salad (Som Tam) and corn sautéed with shrimp (Bap Xao Tom Bo).
  • Different sizes of dried shrimps can be found in our store because we know that one size cannot fit all.
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